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lucky gg griffith

Tattoo Artist/piercer

                               YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 26          Specializes in: All around tattooing
                                        I have dedicated my life to tattooing. I've always been intrigued by art. The first time I saw
                               tattoos & modifications I knew what I was destined to be, and from that point on I've been
                               chasing my dreams to inkfluentially spread my artistic vision one tattoo at a time. Body
                               modification & piercing went hand in hand, therefore I became a fully licensed body piercer
                               as well. Giving us the ability to cover the entire spectrum of body modification.After so many                                years solo I managed to find some like minded individuals to add to my team of artist and
                                        piercers. Each one having their own unique style and skill set which sets us apart from other artist. We  thrive on networking withother shops in the area to give you the best tattoo or body piercing experience possible. We offer full custom tattooing or you can pick from our large selection flash. We stay up to date on the trends in piercings and work hard to keep a wide selection of body jewelry. In our jewelry stock we know you'll be able to find that certain piece that shows your own unique taste. We guarantee that we will go above and beyond when it comes to tattooing and body piercing needs.


under construction

professional tattoo artist

years experiance 00        style: illustrative color


rob (baldhead) harris

tattoos & body piercings

father, tattoo artist , ginger,  and overall badass ...not necessarily in that order...




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